About us

This is always the section where you say a little something about yourself - ideally in the form of a generic yet refined text, and with perhaps a touch of irony. For us, it comes down to one thing in the end:

Original entertainment. %%
You are fucking free %%
If the idea is in the woods, then you have to go into the woods! %%
Don't stop believing (hold on to the feeling)! %%
Content is King, distribution is King Kong %%
If the idea is on the street, then you have to go out onto the street! %%
Talent borrows, genius steals. %%
Always be yourself, only different! %%
If the idea is on the shitter, then get yourself on that shitter! %%
Only those who let go have both hands free!

As a film production company for web content, Turbokultur has produced and developed a wide range of Germany's most successful web and video projects. The Bohemian Browser Ballett and Deutschland 3000 are both internet hits and were nominated for the Grimme Online Awards. After more than 200 productions for the web, we know how it works. 

We work with extraordinary talents in order to produce innovative content suited for the target platform. Sometimes we do it by ourselves, and sometimes in collaboration with creative partners who have devoted themselves to the same aspirations as we have. Everything that we create is subject to high aesthetic demands and always produced in a energetic tempo. That's why we've called ourselves "Turbokultur".

Got it?