About us


Turbokultur was founded by people that love stories, talent, stunning images and bold and authentic storytelling. To bring all this together, we founded a Berlin-based company that produces films, TV series and shows from an insider's perspective, fighting for the freedom of storytellers. Our mission is not only to create immersive and unique audiovisual journeys. We want to discover talent, tell stories from their authentic perspective and help create spaces for filmmakers, performers, artists and other creatives to share their cultures on larger platforms.


We develop and produce successful formats which have already won the Deutschen Fernsehpreis and the Grimme Preis, among others. We are stylistic pioneers and attach importance to thematic relevance. We tell stories of previously underrepresented individuals and create space for new discourses. From "Innenperspektive" with high-end quality. We, that means: a team of talented and experienced filmmakers and a network of exciting hosts, actors and creatives.


Flexible working hours, home office or remote work are not unfamiliar to us. In our office, we offer a trusting and innovative working environment, where projects are also completed in post-production. We want to enable talents, give them space and sell their formats to the broadcaster at the best possible budget. It is important to us to combine the content vision and the demand for quality with the highest possible aesthetic level.

For job inquiries: Currently we are looking for: Postproduction Manager (FT), Show Editor.